What is SmartConnect?

Provides the ability to automatically, remotely, and intelligently control home or business events. Allows these events to trigger actions with examples below

  • Door is unlocked via keypad and it sends you an email
  • Garage door is opened and it turns on lights to your entryway
  • Water sensor detects water in your basement and notifies you via text message

Will NineStar personnel be able to control devices in my home or business?

Absolutely not! The system used to manage only allows NineStar personnel to verify the gateway is active and online, and installed devices are communicating properly with the gateway.

How does SmartConnect work?

All devices, except for IP cameras, create a wireless mesh network. Each device ultimately connects to the gateway, which has a wired connection to the internet. The gateway creates a private tunnel back to the servers located at NineStar Connect’s office.

How do I remotely control my devices when away from home?

From any internet connected device go to https://ninestarsmartconnect.com and login with your credentials. Once logged in you can control any of your devices remotely.

What do I receive with my monthly fee?

  • Remote support on your SmartConnect system from our 24/7/365 help desk
  • Remote connectivity to your system from https://ninestarsmartconnect.com webpage
  • Year warranty on SmartConnect devices

What does NineStar SmartConnect cost?

What is the installation process for NineStar SmartConnect?

Depending on the devices that you have selected, a NineStar employee will visit your home prior to installation to ensure that your selected devices will meet your needs and your home is ready to accept them. The employee will also be able to answer any questions you might have at that time. When the date and time of install arrives, the employee will arrive and explain to you the process and begin the installation of your new NineStar SmartConnect home or business. After the hardware is installed, the technician will explain and train you on your new smart devices.

How long does installation take?

The installation time will depend on the amount and type of devices you have selected. The technician will be able explain the approximate time it will take during the order process.

Where can I get help for my NineStar SmartConnect Home or Business?

As with all of NineStar Connect products and services, you can contact our 24/7/365 Support Center for any assistance. You can also visit our Support page at http://support.myninestar.net

Can I install the system myself?

NineStar Connect will be required to install the initial system due to the advanced nature of the system. After the initial install some devices can be installed by the customer.

Can this service be connected to my home alarm system?

Yes, depending on the alarm system that you currently use, the NineStar SmartConnect system can integrate directly with your alarm.

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