How do I order?


Go to the solutions page and add items to your wishlist. This is done by adding the quantity desired to the box directly below the price and then click +Wishlist to add that many of that item to your wishlist.


You can view your wishlist at anytime by clicking the wishlist button at the top right of the screen. Items will only stay in your wishlist for your current browsing session. Once you close your browser, the wishlist is automatically emptied. You can also empty the wishlist on the wishlist page.


Once you have finished your wishlist click on “Send Your Wishlist to NineStar” on the wishlist page and fill out the form. When you click Submit Wishlist and message will be sent to our Customer Service department and they will contact you about setting up a appointment to get your Smart Home/Business system setup. Enjoy your new Smart Home!

NineStar Connect
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