What Can Smart Connect Do?

All of the below examples make use of SmartConnect’s Rule system, which is the heart of SmartConnect. It defines how your home automation devices react to your interactions with the system.

EX 1: Automatically Lock Your Doors

This example makes use of a door that has a door lock and door/window sensor installed on it.

Set up a rule that will automatically lock the door after a delay when the sensor detects the door was closed.


EX 2: Inform You When Your Kids Get Home

The door lock that the SmartConnect system uses can be programmed with up to 250 user set codes. For this example, each member of the family can have their own code, so you can make sure your kids were able to get into the house, for example after school.

Set up a rule similar to the rule below. The SmartConnect system can send you a TXT and/or email whenever a certain code is used to unlock the door. You can even have it turn on a light when the door is unlocked, so you never enter a dark house.


EX 3: Receive Alerts When Batteries Are Running Low

You also can setup rules to send you alerts when sensor batteries reach a certain level.


EX 4: Setup Profiles That Perform Multiple Actions

Setup a profile for when you are out of the house, that turns off all the lights when the active profile is set to it.


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